I investigate and tear apart what Ive been told. When creating art, my four year old little bitch with a sour face comes out, stomping her feet. She is thumbing her nose at the construct of patriarchy, seriousness, religion, impulse control, proper roles, and maturity. The normal aspects of people become not too normal or real; smiles that are forced and are therefore a farce.

My work is filtered through this child, becoming the catalyst for my adult self to reconstruct what I have been told and how I have been defined. Through photography, multiples or image fragments and printmaking I question how we have been made into the social creatures we have become.  I live in Barrie where I also work as an art teacher.


A mixed media artist living and working in Barrie, Ontario, my works in paper often integrate remnants of my daily existence, which serve to map our culture at large as well as how I move through it.  Utilizing stitching, printmaking, papermaking, paper mache, and cutouts, I am currently working to combine nostalgic imagery and storytelling to document my farming heritage and the transformations or loss of our rural landscapes.



Lee creates interpretations of random childhood memories, dreams from the present, and  spaces and places collected through drawings, photography, neighbourhoods, books or even on Facebook.
Each piece is built of paper and patterns, layering travel drawings with tissue that once wrapped household items; cards and letters from friends are combined with wallpaper samples for past houses blend with colours and poignant imagery in her past.
“We have the tools to remodel ourselves and embrace life’s unexpected turns,” Lee said. “Beginning with drawing, I juxtapose shape and pattern and create in layers. As I move through the process everything changes again; I see differently and begin adding, editing and layering until I feel myself at home.”

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I build collages and zines from gathered memories, collected or found paper items and children’s books.
My zines are an amalgamation of the people I know combined with the moments we’ve shared: the views of a wallflower made into a tangible release. The importance of words is visible as both a communicative tool and as an art form with an emphasis on tracking my own existence for future use.
My work is a combination of vintage sewing notion packaging, fashion photography, stitching, kittens, sharp objects, and butterfly wings.  
I live and work in Barrie, Ontario.

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