Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Paperdolls Collective begins to unfold!

Collage on Paper by Jill Price
During Artist Project 2012 two artists by the names of Lee Richmond and Jill Price quietly worked their booths occasionally taking a break once in awhile to take in other aritst's work in the show.  Jill, enthralled by Lee's bold use of colour and collaged elements, immediately thought of her collage works and sewn paper pieces stored back in her studio in Barrie.   Acknowledging the benefits of working collaboratively,  Jill asked Lee if she would be interested in forming a collective.  Lee bubbled with excitement, and so began the search for other artists who may want to get involved.  While driving back to Barrie that night, Jill immediately thought of Barrie artist Alana Sproule, an upcycling fashion designer who has a secret passion for creating and trading zines.  Alana Sproule then invited another local artist Jenn Guerin to participate based on her amazing paper installations combining player piano scrolls, image transfers, text and stitching.  With some more thought, Jill invited Creemore artist Liz Eakins, an amazing printmaker who also combines text and stitching in her minimalist approach to image making.   With five artists on the sidelines, Jill decided to utilize an exhibition space she won in an art auction to premiere the collective's first show.  Entitled "Unbound", this show will feature individual works by all five artists as well as facilitate collaborative projects for the artists and visiting audience.  Stayed tuned as the collective begins to post their progress.