Thursday, 26 July 2012

Collective Works together for Calgary Community Project

Needs, 2012 by Paperdolls, mixed media on paper,
 (Alana Sproule, Jill Price, Liz Eakins and Lee Richmond)
Last Saturday the Paperdolls spent Saturday brainstorming upcoming opportunities and creating collective collage works.  Playing pass the paper, this rarely stopped anyone from reaching over the piece in front of them to add to a piece across the table. At the end of the day, we selected a work to send out to a cool project in Calgary called Papergirl, which will showcase works on paper from across Canada in the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts from August 8th til 17th.  After the show, all of the works will be rolled up like newspapers and distributed free of charge into the community.  The idea of giving away artwork for free usually makes me cringe, as it somehow seems to undervalue what we do as artists.  However in this case, our afternoon of fun wasn't as much as about producing a masterpiece as it was about nurturing and getting to know our community within the collective, and so to send out a work for this cool concept seemed appropriate.  Come to the closing reception at the Double Door Gallery to see the other 4 works created collectively as well as engage with the final independent installations by all artists involved.  Want to get your hands dirty?  You can still make a paper mache farmer doll to add to the stack of the "forgotten farmers" piled up in my installation called "Unfed".  See you Saturday from 12 - 4 for snacks and fun!

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